Why outsourcing?  Outsourcing of your Controller or Bookkeeping functions is a great solution for many businesses, including yours.  Why?  Flexibility, cost, focus and talent!  Outsourcing gives you the control as to what level of services and when they will be provided; your costs will be lower since you only use what you need and your long-term commitment is limited; the resources that you engage are going to be fully focused on the work at hand thus the efficiencies will be increased and you are able to access a wealth of talent at a lower cost!

What if we need full-time staff?  This is a common situation for many businesses.  We can provide the bridge that you need while you look for your full-time staffing.  In fact, we are happy to assist in the search in order to make sure that the correct person is found that fits your business and the duties within the job.

What is the cost and terms?  Generally, we work on a time and material basis with our clients.  We have a range of costs depending upon the experience level that is needed for your situation.  Our contract terms are made to be very flexible with our clients allowing for changes with little paperwork while making a long-term commitment to the costs.

How is time scheduled?  Time is scheduled based upon your needs with your consultant.  We have really built a good deal of flexibility into our approach, which has worked very well with our clients.  Changes in scheduled times are a phone call away!

Who is my contact?  Your first contact is always the consultant working at your office.  They are there to answer your questions and be available on an on-going basis.  However, you will always have access to everyone at Heutmaker Business Advisors; therefore if you need a different level of experience to get your questions answered we are there for you!

What about services that you don’t offer?  We have a wide-range of services that we bring to the table inclusive of bookkeeping, advising, software selection, tax advice, etc.  In those situations that present themselves when we are working outside our experience zone, we will be the first to admit that we need to talk with someone outside the office.  To that end, we have numerous contacts in our database that we can access to get the most accurate information and, maybe, bring someone else to the table that makes more sense.

How do you work with my current staff?  Our approach is to work with your staff at all levels; become part of the company.  Your current staff knows much more about your business than we do so we certainly lean on them for information in order to assist you making your business a success.

How do we get started?  Feel free to contact John Heutmaker to discuss how we can assist you!  Use the quick links to send him an email or call him directly.  He is more than willing and able to sit down with you to access your needs and see if we are the right fit!

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